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Chicago Attorneys Protect the Best Interests of Special Needs Children

Every child is unique, and every child has individual needs. Some children have special needs that must be attended to and taken into account with regard to child custody orders. Ideally, this happens during divorce proceedings or other court proceedings with regard to unmarried parents.

At The Muller Firm in Chicago, Illinois, we have been handling an array of custody and support matters since 1990. If you need help regarding a special needs child, we can provide it. Our firm welcomes the opportunity to serve you.

How Will My Child’s Situation Be Addressed In The Custody Order?

At The Muller Firm, we will make sure your child’s special needs are paid attention to when custody matters are decided. As your lawyers, we will help you get clear answers about:

  • The difference between sole custody and joint custody
  • The difference between custodial and noncustodial
  • How much special medical care, education or services will cost, and how it will be covered
  • Estate planning, guardianships, trusts or documents that need to be prepared or adhered to
  • The modification of custody orders related to changes in your child’s or children’s needs, relocation, a parent’s income or other factors

Every child is different. Our firm can help you address the specific needs of your child while protecting your own legal rights.

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