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Chicago Attorneys Resolve Same-Sex Custody Issues

When a couple with children separates — it doesn’t matter if the parents are gay or straight — many challenging issues need to be addressed. One of these issues is the custody of the children.

Same-sex custody matters can be complicated. The main reason is novelty: Same-sex marriage became law in 2013 and has only been in place since 2014. If you have concerns about LGBT divorce, visitation or the custody of your child or children, we can address them and help you take the action necessary to resolve the matter.

Experience Counts with LGBT Family Law Attorneys

At The Muller Firm, based in Chicago, our LGBT family law attorneys can help you find solutions to problems related to same-sex custody in Illinois. Our firm has concentrated on family law since 1990. We can tackle questions concerning:

  • How custody will be divided between same-sex parents — a court can award joint custody or sole custody depending on numerous factors
  • How decisions will be made about the children’s education, medical care and other important matters
  • How to divide parenting time, sometimes known as visitation
  • Gay adoption and surrogacy

Our attorneys understand the tremendous stress that custody matters can bring. We are here to help you meet the challenges head-on through decisive, assertive problem solving.

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