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LGBT Family Law Attorneys in Chicago Represent Same-Sex Couples in Divorce and Custody Issues

All couples and families have important rights under Illinois law. This includes same-sex couples protected by marriages and civil unions.

LGBT family law can be confusing because it is still new to many people. Not to us. If you need advice and representation regarding a complicated case, The Muller Firm can help you protect your rights and resolve your legal matter as advantageously and cost-effectively as possible.

We Understand The Legal Challenges Faced By Same-Sex Couples

At The Muller Firm, based in Chicago, our lawyers understand Illinois family law, and we understand the needs of same-sex couples. We can help you resolve any legal matter related to:

  • Same-sex marriage and same-sex-divorce in Illinois
  • Child custody issues encountered by gay and lesbian clients
  • The modification of child custody
  • Questions about child support and how it pertains to same-sex couples
  • The division of property when a married or unmarried same-sex couple splits up
  • Surrogacy agreements and adoption by LGBT couples
  • Estate planning matters that affect gay and lesbian couples and their children
  • Domestic violence, restraining orders and injunctions
  • Transgender law

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Talk to a lawyer who understands the needs of LGBT couples and their children — and who can represent you assertively and strategically. Contact The Muller Firm. We are here to answer your questions.

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