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Our Lawyers Guide Chicagoland Couples through Legal Separation

Some clients ask us about legal separation as an alternative or a precursor to divorce. While it’s an interesting and moderately popular topic of discussion, the fact is that legal separation, per se, is not common in Illinois. What is common in successful family law cases is proper divorce planning.

Considering A Divorce? Get Honest, Practical Advice

If you are considering a divorce — or wondering what options may be available if you are not ready to take that radical a step — our attorneys can give you practical, honest advice about separating from your husband or wife. We have been providing guidance and representation on these critical matters since 1990. Our lawyers have earned a reputation for being smart and compassionate.

At The Muller Firm, in Chicago, we advise and represent men and women in complicated family law matters related to:

  • A spouse who has been unfaithful or abusive
  • A husband or wife who has a drug or alcohol problem
  • The desire to reconcile with a spouse
  • Same-sex relationship problems
  • The need for temporary child support or spousal maintenance orders during a separation
  • Child custody before or during a divorce

The financial and familial implications of divorce lead some people to try a period of separation. Other people use separation to transition into divorce while resolving their living situations. Whatever your circumstances are, we can assist you in planning and taking your next steps.

Questions About Legal Separation? Our Chicago Attorneys Have Answers

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