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Chicago Lawyers Protect Your Rights When Domestic Violence Strikes

Allegations of child abuse or spousal abuse can create civil and criminal consequences that are hard to undo. Domestic violence and alleged domestic violence are taken seriously by Illinois courts, and they can affect everything from child custody to security clearance at your job to your ability to own a firearm.

Practical Advice And Protection Of Your Rights

If you have been abused, threatened, harassed, stalked or otherwise mistreated by your spouse or partner, it is important for you to be safe. An experienced attorney can give you practical advice and help you take the necessary steps to keep an unsafe person away from you and your children. Our firm is highly experienced in advocating for victims of domestic violence.

If you have been accused of behavior that can be categorized as domestic violence, it is important for you to know and protect your legal rights. Particularly if you have been falsely accused by a spouse or co-parent — a frequent occurrence in divorce cases — it is critical that you obtain strong legal representation as soon as possible. Our firm can provide it, right now.

Recognizing the Signs of Domestic Violence

Recognizing and acknowledging the signs of an abusive relationship are often the first steps toward a victim’s freedom. The next step is getting help. Nobody should have to live in fear of the person they share their life with. If you are concerned that domestic violence may exist in your relationship, understanding abuse might help you make the right call.

  • Domestic violence is not just physical. It can come in the form of psychological abuse, financial abuse, sexual exploitation and more. In many cases, an abusive relationship is burdened by more than one form of abuse.
  • Domestic abuse does not discriminate. It can happen in same-sex and heterosexual relationships, all age ranges, all economic levels and all ethnic backgrounds.
  • Domestic abuse is unpredictable and can quickly escalate. It is important to seek help the moment you realize that you may be in an unsafe situation.

Handling Difficult Family Law Cases Since 1990

At The Muller Firm, we have been handling difficult family law cases since 1990, serving clients from all walks of life throughout the Chicago area. Our attorneys can help you by:

  • Listening to your situation and helping you understand your options
  • Promptly helping you obtain temporary restraining orders or orders of protection
  • Appearing in court with you or for you, as appropriate
  • Developing temporary custody and support arrangements, if applicable
  • Advising you about issues that pertain to LGBT family law
  • Every situation is different. Seek legal advice if you need it.

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