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What Sets Our Attorneys Apart In Chicago Divorce Matters

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Since 1990, The Muller Firm,Ltd., has been continuously recognized for its acumen in the trial, settlement and appeal of issues concerning divorce, custody and family law. Our firm is known for being consistent in the application of creativity, diligence and goal-oriented assertion, and susceptible to neither influence nor intimidation. We are respected by both our peers and the judiciary.

Every divorce situation is different, but all divorces are challenging. Your divorce may call for guidance regarding several of the following:

  • Contested trial or settlement
  • Numerous aspects of property division, including property valuation
  • Allocation of parental responsibilities on child custody matters, including visitation and questions about parenting time
  • Child support orders, temporary or long term
  • Alimony (also known as spousal support or maintenance)
  • Modification of existing court orders, including parental relocation
  • Same-sex divorce or other LGBT family law issues
  • Domestic violence and restraining orders
  • Divorce mediation and alternative dispute resolution

Pursuing The Best Outcome For You In Divorce

At The Muller Firm in Chicago, Illinois, you will be represented by compassionate, experienced attorneys with proven track records of success.

After almost 25 years of practice, the majority of our new clients come from either the referral of satisfied former clients or other attorneys who trust that our next result will reflect favorably upon them. Whether you have been referred to us by a friend, a colleague or another attorney, or if your own research led you to this site, we welcome the opportunity to serve you.

Our executive committee remains actively involved in every case and will assume full responsibility for all facets of your divorce case. We won’t look for excuses; we will look for a resolution that has you leaving our office knowing that you’ve received the best possible outcome.

Grounds For Filing Divorce in Illinois

In Illinois, a divorce is initiated by filing a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. Part of that document requires the petitioner to provide the court with a reason for the divorce, or grounds. Grounds provide the court with a legal mechanism for stepping in to dissolve the marriage.

Recent changes to the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act have effectively eliminated fault-based grounds for divorce in Illinois. Divorcing parties will no longer be able to assign blame as the official reason for divorcing a spouse. Effective January 1, 2016, Illinois is a no-fault divorce state. The only grounds for divorce is irreconcilable differences.

The change was part of a sweeping overhaul of marriage dissolution laws designed to minimize acrimony and conflict in divorce. Other changes include eliminating the use of the term child custody in favor of allocation of specific parental responsibilities, including decisions relating to education, health, religion and extracurricular activities.

If you would like more information about how divorce works in Illinois and what different terms mean, we encourage you to visit our Divorce 101 section.

Chicago Divorce Lawyers Who Can Make A Difference

Anyone who has been through a divorce will tell you that it can be one of the most frightening, exhausting experiences that life has to offer. Your choice of attorney can make an enormous difference in your divorce experience. Contact us today to discuss your case.

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