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Child Support Lawyers Resolve Financial Matters in Illinois

Child support is an important component in many divorce cases. Illinois law indicates that child support be paid by one noncustodial parent (or parent who has not been awarded primary residency) when certain financial conditions are present. Child support may be ordered in cases in which the parents of a child were never married.

If you are experiencing a divorce (or thinking a divorce is imminent) or worried about child support you expect to pay or receive, The Muller Firm can assist you.

Family Law Lawyers Help in All Aspects of Child Support

At the Muller Firm, we know how child support works because we have handled thousands of child support cases. We can assist you in:

  • Understanding the formulas that are used by the courts, taking into account both parents’ incomes, custody and other factors
  • Taking into account your child’s or children’s day care costs, educational expenses and activities
  • Obtaining temporary and permanent court orders
  • Petitioning a court for modification of existing child support orders related to a change of income, expenses or your child’s or children’s needs
  • Resolving related custody matters
  • Determining whether you should pay alimony (spousal support)
  • Understanding the implication of any LGBT family law issues that bear on your case

Determining Child Support in Illinois

There is a delicate balance in providing financially for children and maintaining a healthy lifestyle when parents live apart. In Illinois, laws are designed to ensure that the correct balance is achieved so that children’s needs are properly addressed and they are allowed to enjoy the same lifestyle they would have enjoyed had the parents remained a couple. To help ensure that fair and adequate financial contributions are made by each parent, Illinois began implementing the income shares model to determine child support in July of 2017.

The new method takes into account the income of each parent, the allocation of parental responsibilities, and the actual cost of providing for a child in Illinois. When both parents have more than 146 overnights with their children each year, a shared parenting adjustment is often made. This helps ensure that parents who opt to spend significant amounts of time with their children are not unfairly burdened with excessive financial support requirements.

Because the calculations for child support can be complicated and a multitude of factors are involved when determining financial obligations, professional assistance is recommended. Our child support lawyers are familiar with the methods used in Illinois to determine child support obligations and we have the necessary tools and skill to accurately evaluate your individual situation so that you are better prepared for the future.

Child Support Lawyers Protect Your Legal Rights

Many people are worried that they will be treated unfairly when it comes to child support. If you are curious or concerned, contact us today. As your attorneys, we will answer your questions and protect your legal rights.

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